Whether you're 18, 80 or anywhere in-between...

"Here's How To Quickly, Easily and Effortlessly Attract New Love Into Your Life and Create A True Soulmate Relationship"

Dear Friend,

     We're relationship coaches Susie and Otto Collins and no matter
how old you are, how much money you have, how good looking
you are or how many times you feel like you've lost at love...

     We're about to tell you how you can quickly and easily attract your perfect partner to you and create the soul mate relationship you've always dreamed of...(Even if You Don't Know Where To Start)

     Long before we were relationship coaches and authors, we did this in our own lives when we attracted each other.

     Now, we spend our time helping people like you discover how they too can have the relationship of their dreams.

With your permission, we want to help you attract new love into your life so that you too can enjoy the most beautiful gift ever given-- the gift of true, lasting love.

    Before we get started, we have a couple of really important questions for you...

    These questions will help us and you know whether this information we're getting ready to tell you about will work as well for you in attracting your perfect partner and soulmate as it did for us in our lives and in the lives of some of our coaching clients...

So, here are our questions for you...

Do you want to attract new love in your life?
Would you like to be in a relationship with someone willing to love you for
who you truly are?
Have you ever wanted to be with someone you considered to be your perfect partner or soulmate?
Would you want to be with someone who enjoyed sex the same way you do and as much as you?
Would you like to find a true romantic who isn't afraid of intimacy and would be willing to talk about anything (even if it was difficult)?
Could you get excited about being in a relationship that had great communication, total trust, honest and respect? 
If there was a way you could quickly and easily attract new love into your life, would you be interested?

If you just said to any of the above questions...
...then this could be the most exciting day of your life because you're about to discover that attracting the incredible new love that you want so badly is so much easier than you thought possible and we're going to show you how.

How We Attracted Each Other and Created a True Soulmate Relationship In Less Than 90 Days After We Discovered THESE  Secrets That Make Attracting New Love Almost "Automatic"...

   How You Can Do This Too...

     Back in 1997, we were both coming out of long term marriages that had simply run out of gas when a truly amazing relationship miracle happened.

This "miracle" not only changed our lives forever but has since changed the relationships and lives of many thousands of people for the better as well.

     You see...

     Before getting together, Susie was married for 30 years to someone else and Otto was married to someone else for 15 years.

     In those relationships that ended, we were like a lot of people-- we wanted more love, more passion, more closeness, more connection and a lot more of everything that we didn't seem to have.

     By the time each of our previous marriages were coming to an end, we each knew the feeling of heartbreak intimately.

     What was interesting was that after our previous relationships ended, we each started having the same kinds of fears, doubts and questions come up that men and women, young and old alike, have when they find themselves without love.

     Since we were no longer with "someone," we each started to wonder if we were ever going to have the love we wanted.

     Fears and doubts started to come up as we wondered whether we were going to be alone for the rest of our lives or not.

     We wondered if we were truly loveable, if someone would want US and whether we'd have to bend over backwards or turn ourselves into an emotional pretzel in order to attract someone that we would actually want to spend time with.

     Once we were able to let go of our resistance and open ourselves to love, we "attracted" each other very quickly.

     In fact, since Susie's marriage ended before Otto's, it was less than 90 days after Otto's separation that we found each other and started our incredible life and love together.

     Before we got together we both knew we wanted something more than we had so we each started creating a vision for the love and life that we wanted.

     Later as we compared notes about what we each did to "attract" each other, there were some striking similarities.

     Before getting together and totally independent of each other, we started reading about the kind of relationships we wanted. We talked to people who seemed to have good relationships to find out how they did it. We took classes, we studied, we hoped and we prayed for something more.

     Fortunately for us, our efforts paid off.

    Fast forward many years later to today and as the saying goes, "the rest is history."

     Today, in addition to having a truly incredible relationship and marriage that's filled with plenty of passion, spark, intimacy and romance all these years later, we're also highly successful relationship coaches and authors.

     We spend our time teaching people like you how to attract your perfect partner into your life and keep the spark and aliveness that you feel in the beginning of your relationship alive for as long as you want. 

     While it's absolutely true that we or no one can guarantee that you (or anyone) can attract the love of their life to them...

     What we've discovered is that there are some very simple things that you (or anyone) can do that makes attracting new love and the man or woman of your dreams into your life happen almost automatically and without much effort on your part.  (if that is something you truly want.)


The "Strange" But True Reason Why You Don't Have
The Love You Want In Your Life Right Now...

     Whether you're 18 or 80 and you don't have the love you want in your life right now, it's not your fault. 

     One of the biggest reasons why it seems difficult for some people to attract new love into their life right now is because of how much fear, negativity and doubt that permeates our society these days.

     Think about it...

     Technology was supposed to make our lives better, simpler and easier but it hasn't.

     It's made it more complicated , more complex and busier than ever before.

     According to the latest research we've seen-- the average person in America (and most other developed countries) watches an average of 31 hours of television per week, spends 21 hours per week on the internet and 17 hours per week listening to music.

     Everyone has the right to do whatever they want with their time but...this is both good and bad.

     It's good because we have so many entertainment choices for us to spend our time with.

     This creates challenges in our relationships and lives because the media spews so much fear and negativity that it causes people to shut down and close down instead of stay open to one another.

      This fear and negativity can happen in the most subtle of ways.

     For example, just last night in horror we watched the main character from one of the top rated TV shows wait until the love of his life had almost died before he was willing to face his fears and tell her that he loved her.

     By then it was too late because as he was rushing to her side, she was shot and with that trauma, she fell into a coma and never heard the words "I love you" come from his lips.

     As fate would have it or in this case, the writers of the show, showed us how difficult and painful it is to open your heart to someone enough to tell them how you really feel.

     In case you haven't noticed, you don't see shows on television, info on the internet or music artists singing about how happy they are since they're in love.

     Turn on your TV, open any newspaper, go online or talk to anyone for any length of time and you'll soon see what we're talking about.

     Fear is everywhere in the media and the bottom line message we're taking into our minds several hours a day is that it's not safe to open your heart to others and it's not safe to allow people to see the real, beautiful and amazing you.

     What we have discovered is that if you can only let go of some of the fear in your life (most of which is unconscious-that you aren't aware of) then, attracting new love will become easy, effortless and automatic if that's why you want.

     No matter how much of a loser at love you think you are and no matter how much you've tried to attract the love of your life to you...

     We've got a brand new program that will can truly help you attract your ultimate relationship and the love to you very quickly.

     This new program is called "Automatic Attraction Secrets"  and it will help you attract this new love in a way that feels easy and effortless because we teach you how to get rid of your blocks and get out of your own way. We're here to help you with that.

What Is The Best Way To Speed Up The Attraction Process and "Automatically" Attract New Love To You?

(Hint: This is not what you think and it's definitely not what most people try...)

     As you continue to think about the BEST way to speed up the attraction process, we have another question for you...

     This question is a little bit different than the last one...

     What's the WORST thing you could possibly be doing if you wanted to attract the love of your life to you?

     Tragically THIS is what most people do when they say they want to attract new love and it backfires every single time.

     Most people do what doesn't work to attract their ideal partner or soulmate and then they get really mad when it doesn't work.

     Think about it...

     If you want to attract the love to you, then you're going to have to do things a little bit (or maybe a lot ) differently than you've been doing them in the past.

     The #1 thing that keeps love from finding you and everyone else who says they want it, but haven't quite been able to manifest it yet, are your fears and how you hold back from letting other people see you letting your inner light truly shine.

     If you've ever been in a relationship with someone that you truly loved or cared about, then you undoubtedly know that gut-wrenching feeling of wanting love and it not being there.

     You know what it's like to give and give and give and NOT get back.

     In essence, you know what it's like to feel like a failure at love AND if you're like most people the big reason you don't enjoy the love you really want is because YOU hold back out of fear of being hurt again.

     Nobody wants to get hurt in a relationship but here's the #1 reason why some people are able to attract love to them and do it automatically...almost magically... and some people aren't...

     If you want to "attract" the kind of amazing, incredible, close, connected heart melting love that we know is possible for you, then one of the most important things you're going to want to do is get good at opening your heart to other people even when you're tempted to hold yourself back.

     We're not suggesting that you allow yourself to become boundryless but what we are suggesting is that you consciously decide to "open" to others even when you might be tempted to close down.

     This might sound a little crazy but the best way to have the love, passion, connection and relationship that you really want is to NOT be fearful of failure at love but to consciously decide to do things on a regular basis that will actually cause you to "Fail Faster."

     Again, we know that you don't want to fail at love.

     Nobody does.

     But here's the important distinction that you really must get if you want to speed up the attraction process and magnetically, automatically attract the love of your life to you...

     You don't want to fail at love just to be failing at love...

     You want "fail faster" so you can learn from the things you would normally call "mistakes" so you can discover what works and what doesn't FASTER so that you don't repeat them.

     What we show you in our new "Automatic Attraction Secrets" program is how to turn your "failures" and what you discover about yourself and your past relationships into a "learning laboratory" where you learn how to quickly, easily and almost automatically how to attract the love YOU really want.

What Is "Automatic Attraction Secrets?"

What's In It


How Can This Program Help You Find True Love?


     Automatic Attraction Secrets is an instantly available downloadable book and audio program from Relationship Coaches Susie and Otto Collins that will help you quickly and easily call the most perfect person for you in the world right to you.

Here's What You'll Get In The program...

Automatic Attraction Secrets Ebook

The first component of the program is our brand new "Automatic Attraction Secrets" downloadable ebook.

This book is brand new. Has never been released in any format and is filled with amazing insights that will have you attracting new love into your life in no time.
7 Proven Secrets To Attracting Your Perfect Partner

Here you're getting 6 downloadable audios and the accompanying guidebook from our one-time-only "7 Proven Secrets For Attracting Your Perfect Partner" coaching series that we did with a small select group of men and women who wanted to manifest their perfect partner.

The information in this course will astonish you.

Each session of this course is filled with practical information and experiential exercises, designed to help you attract your perfect partner and help you start getting more love in your life.

The process we guide you and the people going through the class on the recordings is the same revolutionary attraction process we used to find each other.

21 Secrets To Soulmate Bliss

In addition to the 2 books and 6 audios we just described...

You also get another incredible ebook created specifically for "Automatic Attraction Attraction Secrets"-- It's our new ebook...  21 Secrets To Soulmate Bliss

In this instantly downloadable ebook, we give you 21 powerful relationship ideas that we and other soulmates use to "attract", create and keep deep, connected relationships full of bliss.

Whether you're still looking for the love of your life or you're already in a relationship and just want to make it better ... we think there is something special you can learn from "soulmates and that's why we included this gem in the package. 



Here Is a Partial List Of Some Of The Awesome Things You'll Learn In This Program ...

How to clarify your wants, needs, desires, values and beliefs so you can create exactly what you want in your new relationship
The right way and the wrong way to create your love "wish list"--Get this right and you get a lifetime of bliss, passion and connection. Get this wrong and it means Misery and Disaster.
Why you should never close yourself off from someone you feel drawn to just because he or she appears to be radically different from you.
Breakthrough fun exercises to help you get clear about what you do want in a relationship and partner--Before you choose the wrong one.
How to clear away any blocks, barriers or obstacles standing in your way of allowing this "Automatic Attraction" process to work for you
How to get into a positive feeling place about your intentions --even when you're feeling stuck
4 keys to changing limiting habits
When it's a good idea to trust your gut instincts and when it's not
The secrets to leaving the parts of your past that no longer serve you in the past
Specific tips, tricks and tactics for BOTH men and women that show you what your true love is looking for in a partner--and how to make sure you catch their attention when they're in your presence.
How to identify and let go of any beliefs that may be sabotaging your efforts to attract your perfect partner
Daily things you can do to create the life and partner that you want
How to "create and install" effective motivators that help you attract the love. passion-filled and heart-connected relationship you really want
Words to eliminate from your vocabulary that stand in your way of being able to attract the love of your life--these words are ones you use everyday and when you use them, they literally kill your chances of attracting new love
Actions you can take at any step in the attraction process that insures your perfect partner, soulmate or love is "on the way"
How to keep building positive momentum toward automatic attraction that never never stops, never slows down and never sleeps
And much more...


How To Tell If This "Automatic Attraction Secrets "
Program is For You...

     If you're serious about attracting new love into your life and haven't been successful in attracting the right person (or anyone), then we think you'll find this program to be a Godsend for you.

     What were offering here is a breakthrough program on how to "attract" new love or a "soulmate" into your life and do it in a way that's easier than anything you've ever tried.

     This program will require you to put forth a little effort but with what you'll discover about yourself and the attraction process--you'll be able to take a HUGE shortcut to finding the love and you'll also get really good really quickly at separating out the "losers" from the "keepers" as you become a master at attracting new love.

     If you want some shortcuts for finding love, you'll find them here.

     If you want to break through any blocks, barriers or limitations that may be holding you back from having the love you want in your life--then THIS "Automatic Attraction Secrets" program is for you.

     If you're tired of running into "dead ends" and "losers" in the dating scene and want to know how to attract the "keepers" or the ones you actually want to be with--then our fresh approach to attracting new love is something you'll benefit from greatly.

     If you're willing to do a little introspective work and (with our help) finally get to the bottom of why love continues to elude you--  then this Automatic Attraction Secrets program will help you see where you've made your attraction mistakes and how to make sure you stop making them so you can quickly and easily start attracting the love you want.

     If you are open to some new ideas and trying a few new things that you may not have tried before--then this program is certainly for you.

     On the other hand, if you want to blame other people for not having true love, you want to hold onto your limitations and sit on your butt and do nothing differently--then you should probably pass on this program and continue doing what you've been doing that hasn't seemed to have worked for you.

Why "Automatic Attraction Secrets" Is Such a Breakthrough Program and Why There's Nothing Else Like It... 

     There are a million books and a million web sites on "dating."

     There are even quite a few web sites, books and programs available on "soulmates" and how to recognize them (we have one of the most popular sites on the web about soulmates ourselves.)


     Here's what makes "Automatic Attraction Secrets" so different and why you MUST get this program if you are serious about attracting new love into your life...

     "Automatic Attraction Secrets" is the first and only program of its kind that helps you go beyond basic dating and romance tips, seduction techniques and flirting ideas and helps you unlock the attraction process in a way that almost automatically attracts your new, perfect love.  

   Imagine being able to take all the hard work out of the attraction process and attract your perfect partner--the one that's truly meant for YOU. That's what we're talking about here...

     When we talk about the automatic attraction process, we aren't talking merely about physical attraction.  Yes, this is probably one aspect of the kind of relationship we're describing.  Gaining the positive attention of a man or woman whom you find hot, sexy or cute is wonderful. 

 (This also depends on your specific definition of physical attractiveness.)

     But, automatic attraction doesn't just happen in your pants!  It also happens in your heart, your mind, your gut, your soul and more. 

     When you are able to take these ideas and get out of the way, amazing things begin to happen.

     It's as if your whole being (or the vast majority of your being) is magnetically drawn to this other person and he or she is equally drawn to you.  You might even consider yourselves to be soul mates. The two of you could be vastly different when it comes to your politics, your background and in other ways, but the magnetic pull is there.

     The kind of attraction we're talking about here is strong, undeniable and that's not all...

     When you are with this perfect partner and you two are creating a relationship together, the level of life satisfaction, joy, thrill and excitement will be deeper and bigger than you've possibly experienced before.

     You'll probably walk around feeling great about your life, your future and yourself.  Self-doubts and insecurity will be rare occurrences and you will mostly bask in the glow of this love that keeps on growing between you and your perfect partner. 


Let's Wrap This Up...

     At this moment you are faced with a decision...

     The decision you're faced with is about whether to keep doing what you've been doing and "hope" your perfect partner falls in your lap OR...

     ... whether you're going to open yourself to some new ideas that will change your life and give you the ability to attract new love to you on demand. 

     If you've read this far on this web page and there's any part of you that wants to attract new love into your life--then you know that we're serious about giving you everything you need to make attracting a new partner to you easy, effortless and almost "automatic."

     When you get your copy of the "Automatic Attraction Secrets" program and start applying what you learn, you'll be delighted and possibly astounded by how well these ideas and strategies work in clearing away the blocks and barriers to love.

     You'll also be amazed at how quickly attracting new love will begin to happen as a result of what you'll learn here too.

Don't Decide Now...
Try "Automatic Attraction Secrets"
Risk FREE For 30 Days...

    We're so convinced that our new "Automatic Attraction Secrets" program will be the thing that unlocks the doors to finding new love for you that we're willing to make you this guarantee...

Take the next 30 days to try our program--this means read all the materials, listen to all the audios, try our suggestions and if at any point within 30 days that you decide that this program isn't for you... then simply let us know that you've given our program a fair try and that you'd like a refund and we'll give you ALL your money back...no questions asked.

Just Say YES and True Love Is Yours...

The amazing relationship that you've always wanted starts with you.

You are the crucial piece of the puzzle.

When you realize this, it's actually very promising and freeing.

Remember THESE two important things:

1) Automatic attraction starts with you. 2) And, your perfect partner or soul mate IS out there waiting for you to open up to him or her!

That's right...

The amazing relationship that you've always wanted starts with you but you have to take the first step.

     So, If you're willing to try some new ideas that have been proven to work...

     If you want to attract new love, your perfect partner, your soulmate or the man or woman of    your dreams ...


    If you're willing to gently step out of your comfort zone AND say YES to you...
     Then the time is now to take that very important next step and get our new "Automatic Attraction Secrets" program.


To Get This Program at This Incredibly Low Price, You Must Act Now...

To recap exactly what comes with the digital downloadable Automatic Attraction Secrets program...

You're getting the brand new, never before released downloadable "Automatic Attraction Secrets" ebook, 6 downloadable audio recordings and an accompanying guidebook from the coaching and teleseminar series we did called "7 Proven Secrets For Attracting Your Perfect Partner PLUS...

As a part of this package, you'll also also get an incredible bonus ebook called "21 Secrets To Soulmate Bliss"  

The value of everything you're getting in our "Automatic Attraction Secrets" program is valued at $97 but you're going to get it for a one time charge of only $49.00

The most important thing is that you click the big "ADD To Cart Button" below to get your copy of  "Automatic Attraction Secrets" right now...




Our best to you,

Susie and Otto Collins 


P.S. This "Automatic Attraction Secrets" package is not available in stores anywhere.  It's only available as a downloadable package here on our web site. 

Don't put it off. Order now and you'll be taking that all important first step towards attracting the love you've always wanted into your life.

Read what others have to say about our other books, audios, programs and work...


They Helped Me Attract My Perfect Partner..."


"I have finally attracted a partner who is really aligned with what I want in my life.  Through their coaching and books, Susie and Otto Collins have been my guides.  They've helped me identify blocks I've had in the past and helped me learn to do relationships in a different way.

This time I was really clear in my intentions about what I wanted in attracting a mate.  I've been able to visualize my perfect perfect partner, feel that I already have him in my life and let go of the outcome. I can tell you that their process really works!

Thank you for your wonderful coaching and wisdom, Susie and Otto!"

                                                                                  Nancy, Cincinnati, Ohio




Susie and Otto Offer New Possibilities For Creating The Love We Want in Our Lives...

"Susie and Otto Collins are an authentic couple who share from their hearts and, more importantly, model what it truly takes to create an outstanding relationship. 

"Through personal stories, a wide variety of books and practical ideas, they offer new possibilities for creating and sustaining the love we want in our lives. I recommend their work and appreciate their grounded generosity."

                               Kathlyn Hendricks, 
Co-Author "Conscious  Loving" and "The Conscious
Heart"  Co-founder of the Hendricks Institute for Conscious Living. 


A Practical Guide To Support You In Learning How To Be Powerful and Authentic In Your Communications...

"They've done it again-- With 'Stop Talking On Eggshells' Susie and Otto have written and created a practical guide teaching skills to support learning to love even more. "Stop Talking on Eggshells" is not only instructive but is a tool to support you in learning how to be powerful and authentic in your communications -- the only true way we can negotiate genuine loving relationships."


Leslie Karen Sann
Founder of Living by Design 



Taught Me How To Communicate More Effectively With My Mate...

"Stop Talking On Eggshells is an excellent tool that will influence couples to understand each other's reasoning for 'talking on eggshells' instead of just shutting down.
Your info taught me to communicate more effectively with my mate in order to get the love and affection that I need and deserve instead of just walking away from the relationship. It also showed me what to look for and how to end the cycle of 'the dance' in a relationship--the pulling forward and negatively pulling backward in a relationship.
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to embark on this journey with you. I know that 'Stop Talking on Eggshells' will be a blessing to many."

Crystal McDaniel  from Little Rock, AR.



This should be required reading before marriage,
just like a blood test!

"Over the course of this week I have read, then re-read, your newest and in my opinion, your finest book,  'Stop Talking on Eggshells.'  I say that because it touched a cord I wasn't expecting; at times moving me from chills, to recall and then to tears.  Your clear writing, methodical flow, and personal insight spoke to me.  I felt as if I was the focus of your writing and that you were speaking personally to me; listening, affirming I was not peculiar, while offering suggestions of hope.  Unfortunately, I did not discover you earlier to save my marriage; however, I am convinced by practice that your methods do work!  My sincerest thank you for showing me I can have the relationship that I want and deserve!"

You really hit the mark this time.  Your writing was clear, succinct and flowed beautifully.  This should be required reading before marriage, just like a blood test!"

Cindi Keller, Chicago, IL




I have no doubt that this book
will prove invaluable...

"I was one of the people fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy of Stop Talking on Eggshells, and I've been absolutely delighted with what I've read thus far.  As a spiritual and life coach, and also as a busy woman with a large group of friends, colleagues and family members, I have no doubt that this book will prove invaluable. 

"I love the honesty and thoughtfulness with which this highly practical information is presented.  The writing style is clear, concise and without frills, yet delivered in a very warm and compassionate manner.  I especially love the questions at the end of each chapter, and find them extremely helpful in allowing me to become more aware of my thoughts, feelings and what actions are necessary to assist me in moving forward fearlessly and with conviction. 

"The real-life examples are also very helpful.  Many thanks for such a thorough and wonderful book... the next time I find myself talking on eggshells, I'll have a great reference guide to gently remind me of how to get myself out of that pattern!  What a reassuring thought, indeed!"
Many thanks!
Kim Loftis, spiritual fulfillment coach and author
Burnsville, North Carolina,



"Stop Talking On Eggshells"...

delivers to couples the necessary tools and strategies for communicating thoughts, concerns, and feelings without the fear of backlash."

Dr. Mike Minihan



Practical Help For Anyone Who Has a Desire To Improve Their Relationship or Recapture The Magic...

"We are excited about some of Otto and Susie's creative ideas to enhance or rekindle the spark in a relationship or marriage. Otto and Susie are experts on the subject of loving relationships. Their ideas are practical help for anyone who has a desire to improve their relationship or recapture the magic. They are experienced, compassionate, and caring coaches, who have a wealth of worthwhile information to help us all improve our most important relationships."

  Roy and Gwen S.


"No More Jealousy saved my relationship"

"No More Jealousy saved my relationship. With your help, Roger was able to let go of his unwarranted fear that I would abandon him and we began to have a healthy relationship... without jealousy. Thanks.
Kathi and Roger



"Helpful, and to the point
without a lot of psycho-babble
"I found your work to be most helpful, and to the point without a lot of psycho-babble. Jealousy is a big issue in my life and one that I've changed thanks to your work in this area. I'd strongly recommend your work in all your areas to anyone needing or feeling that they can benefit by attentive, personal advice from caring individuals such as the two of you."
Bob Barry From Wisconsin



"Changed both our lives forever..."
"Dear Susie and Otto, I am absolutely delighted to put into words the amazing effects No More Jealousy had on me and also my husband. You both have become an inspiration to both myself and Peter. I am a relationship Counselor, so once I was able to implement your inspirational opportunities into my life and my business, it was not only the big changes that occurred in my life, effortlessly and easily, for me that catapulted me and my business to a whole new level of awareness, it changed both our lives forever. I am delighted that you are taking the next step with your book and allowing others to grow and make more empowering choices for enlightenment in their relationship. Many thanks to you both for your honesty and for sharing your growth with all of us in a very profound way."
Sue McDonald




"No More Jealousy changed my life."

"No More Jealousy changed my life. I saw extreme jealousy in my father and hated the way he treated my mother because of his unfounded fears. However, I found myself battling the same demons and mistreating people in my own relationships. I found No More Jealousy on line and ordered the program. After listening to the first few chapters, I found myself understanding my feelings and for the first time in my, dealing with my jealous tendencies instead of reacting to them. It has given me tremendous freedom. Thank you for your great insight!"

Robin Farmer       



 "No More Jealousy helped me
handle my fears & insecurities..."

"No More Jealousy has proven to be an extremely useful tool for me. It has helped me to center my thoughts and actions if I feel the fears coming on associated with jealousy. It was helpful to  understand what jealousy really is, and with that knowledge and the exercises offered in this program, I feel I am much better at handling my insecurities and fears."

Karen Westerfer from Philadelphia, PA



"No More Jealousy was very helpful for me."
"I was in a fairly new relationship and I had been cheated on. Every time my boyfriends phone rang I freaked out and got very jealous. I knew this was not healthy because I had made the choice to forgive him and to move on. I ordered this publication hoping it would help me move past my jealous tendencies and it certainly helped. I also sought counseling a few times because I hate being worried and jealous, it is harmful. I wanted to move on and make our lives better and more healthy. He had some fixing to do as well and between the two of us we figured things out and we have moved past our problems."

Erica Terminello



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